Group brief introduction
Shandong Development Investment holding Group is a provincial management function state-owned capital investment and operation company set up by the provincial party committee and the provincial government under the background of a new round of state-owned enterprise reform. It supports the infrastructure construction and the development of modern industries of Shandong Province. It is a investment and financing enterprise that promotes regional linkage, industrial integration and cooperative development. The registered capital of the group company is 8 billion yuan, focusing on the central task of "four new" and promoting "four modernization" around the major projects of transforming new and old kinetic energy across the province. According to the distribution of productive forces and the strategic plan for the development of the national economy in the province, we will carry out the major investment and construction tasks of the provincial government, implement the investment and operation of state-owned capital, enlarge the function of state-owned capital, and promote the transformation of the province's industrial structure at the provincial level.